BA/MA examination and defense

BA/MA examination and defense

Before the Defending a Thesis you should the following deliver to the Students Affairs Office (at least 7 work days before the thesis defense):

- Library wavers with signature and stamps from BUW, the Archaeology Institute library , The Bologna Process Supervisor.

- Two copies of the Thesis for BA studies, Three copies for MA,  one of which must have text printed on both sides of the pages

- The first three pages of the Thesis must consist of:

Attachment 1 – The title page

Attachment 2- Synopsis (up to 800 characters), keywords (up to 10), Thesis discipline code (Archeologia 08400), thematic classification (the seminary or proseminary name),

Attachment 3 – The author’s and Supervisor’s declaration with handwritten signatures

- A digital copy of the Thesis in PDF format in contained in a single file (including the attachments listed above, without  the signatures in attachment 3)

- A print-out of the KARTA PRACY DYPLOMOWEJ (The Diploma Thesis Card), not attached to any copy of the Thesis,  filled out with the date and time of the Examination, and composition of the Examination Committee (Head of Committee, Supervisor, Reviewer), sign by the Supervisor.

- 4 diploma sized photos (4,5cm x 6,5cm)


In a case of issuing a English langue diploma, the following must also be delivered:

- A separate certification of payment of 40 zł to the to the History Department accoun

- An additional diploma sized photo


An copy of the thesis in .doc form must also be delivered to the thesis supervisor for plagiarism verification purposes.

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