Prof. Iwona Modrzewska-Pianetti

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Profesor Iwona Modrzewska-Pianetti

Profesor Iwona Modrzewska-Pianetti

Autor: Iwona Modrzewska-Pianetti

Graduated from Faculty of History, Warsaw University, as a MA in Mediterranean Archaeology (1969–1974). Completed Ph.D. in Arts (UW) and then (1995) a was awarded with a postdoctoral degree. Former researcher of the National Museum in Warsaw (affiliate in Wilanów) and subsequently of the Institute of History of Material Culture Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Since 1989 she has cooperated with Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche of Venice and the Institute of History and Archaeology at the Venice University. Since 1994 she has been a member of Polish-Italian research group for Venice lagoon investigation (CNR-PAN agreement). As a conclusion of this collaboration she prepared several articles concerning Northern Adriatic, published mainly in Italian periodicals and archeometric conferences records in Naples, Florence, Cadiz and Barcelona. Since 1996 employed in the Institute of Archaeology (UW). Obtained the fellowship and title of associate professor, full in 2004. Lectures the archaeology of northern Italy and Spain, furthermore carries out the workshops and research of the ancient trade history, underwater archaeology and antic crafts.

Professor Pianetti participated in excavation expeditions in Spain and Italy, e.g. in Tejada la Vieja nearby Seville, necropolis of Padua, Roman theatre in Asolo, Spanish excavation on Monte Testaccio, amphitheatre in Virunum – within the framework of the international project Raffaello (which she coordinates on behalf of Polish part).

Professor was a lecturer at the University of Cadiz (1999-2000). As a part of Socrates-Erasmus agreement she gave tutorials in Padua and Parma. Since 1997 she has been coordinating Socrates-Erasmus project at IA UW. She cooperates with multiple Universities: Udine, Padua, Venice, Parma, Pavia, Catania, Barcelona, Cadiz, Valencia, Murcia and Venetian CNR. Supervises student associations in IA UW (Hispania and Humanica). Traditionally organizes the educational tours to Spain and visiting lectures of the Spanish and Italian archaeologists in IA UW.

Professor Modrzewska-Pianetti is an author of the multiple books and monographies, such as:

Studio iconologico delle lucerne palestinesi del IV–VI s.d.C. (Roma 1988)

Anfore spagnole nel Veneto. Testimonianze dei contatti commerciali Betica-Venetia (Pisa 1995) Sulla storia della laguna di Venezia nell’Antichita' (Warsaw 2000)

Zarys archeologii Hiszpanii rzymskiej (Warsaw 2002)

Północ Italii przedrzymskiej. Człowiek i środowisko, wyd. Trio (Warsaw 2008/2009).

Moreover, Professor Pianetti has printed many studies in the joint editions, both foreign and Polish, as well as several dozen articles written in Polish, Spanish and Italian, published e.g. in „Archeologia e Calcolatori”, „Rivista di Archeologia”, „Boletin del Seminario de Estudios de Arte y Arqueologia”, „Quaderni Friulani di Archeologia”, „Saguntum”, „Pyrenae”, „Światowit”, „Archeologia Polski”, „Kwartalnik Historii Kultury Materialnej”, „Archeologia”, „Novesia”. She collaborates with the academic quarterly journal “Ad Rem”.

Since 2003 Professor has worked in the Department of the Antic Culture, currently she is a head of Underwater Archaeology Department in the Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw University. She carries out the research in trade contacts in the Mediterranean (especially Spain and Italy), applying archaeometry to pottery studies, archaeology of the Venetian lagoon and Northern Adriatic.

Professor Modrzewska-Pianetti & Magdalena Nowakowska during the opening of the "Archaeologists Under the Water" exhibition

Professor Modrzewska-Pianetti & Magdalena Nowakowska during the opening of the "Archaeologists Under the Water" exhibition

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